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At 2nd Chance Debt Counsellors and Financial Trainers, we offer:

Debt Review

Credit Bureau Reports:
If you are not able to obtain your Credit Bureau Report yourself, we’ll get it for you at a cost of R20. Did you know that, in terms of the National Credit Act, you are entitled to a free copy of your Credit Record from a Credit Bureau, once every 12 months?

We’ll assist you in compiling a fresh workable budget for free when you apply for Debt Review. If you are not over-indebted, but merely require guidance on how to prepare a budget that will balance and is sustainable, we can assist you with this at a small cost. We shall also provide you with valuable tips on what changes to make in order to save money from the first month.

Financial Management Assistance:
Are you considering applying for a loan (Personal Loan, Home Loan, Vehicle Finance, etc)? Do you want the right advice to prepare for a successful application? Do you want to attain financial freedom? Do you want a strong balance sheet? Do you want a surplus on your budget? Do you want to create wealth instead of debt? Put our financial, banking and credit skills to the test.

Consumer Rights:
The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced a number of rights for consumers. Are you aware of what your rights are, in terms of the NCA and pre-NCA? Do you know what prescription is? Do you know that creditors must comply with certain requirements before they can take legal action against you? Do you know that there are limits on the interest and charges for you credit agreements? Do you know that you have the right to access and challenge information held by a credit bureau? Depending on what your circumstances are, we can advise you on the rights relevant to your situation. Come and talk to us.

Free Consultation and Assessment:
Sometimes you just want to know what is available or what your next step should be. You don’t want to pay for each and every question you have. Right? Then come and have a chat with us or send your question via the link. We’ll grant you a free consultation and assess what your financial position is. You can then decide what course of action to take. Feel free to email us at